Deposit Terms and Conditions

To hold a puppy a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required. If there is not a puppy to your liking your deposit will transfer to the next available litter.  The deposits will be taken in order, which will determine your place in line. The deposit shows your commitment to one of our puppies, if you change your mind loss of your deposit is your penalty. The balance left will be due by the time the puppy has reached six weeks of age, unless other arrangements have been made. This ensures that the checks have cleared and delivery can be scheduled. If you do not get your payment in by this time, you will forfeit your deposit and the puppy will go to the next person in line.

Health Agreement

The puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale. The buyer has a 72 hour guarantee in which he/she is urged to have the puppy checked by a licensed vet. If the vet finds anything seriously wrong with the pup it will be exchanged for a similar pup at once or as soon as one is available or the buyer can get a refund of the purchase price. (Providing a letter and phone number from the examining vet and the pup is returned within the 72 hour time period). If buyer does not live locally, he/she is to notify seller within the 72 hour time period to make arrangements for the return of the puppy. Once the puppy has cleared the initial vet exam it will be understood that seller has provided a healthy pup and that the care of the pup is now in the hands of the buyer.  No exchange will be made after the 72 hour time period and no vet bills will be refunded… Goldendoodles are sold with the understanding that the new owners will spay or neuter their pet by 6 months of age.

A genetic guarantee is offered for two years. This guarantee covers any debilitating genetic disorders with the dog. (Providing a letter and phone # from the examining Vet) This guarantee is non-transferable. This guarantee is a refund of the purchase price. No Vet bills will be refunded, unless agreed upon before hand in writing. 

A copy of this can be emailed to you for you to sign and send back with your deposit.

Males $1,800
Females $2,000

Puppy Nanny $500

This price includes delivery to the Seattle area at 8 weeks. Special trips to Seattle will have an additional gas fee added.  

We are now offering a Puppy Nanny option instead of shipping your puppy. I feel this is a safer and less traumatic way for your puppy to travel to you on an airline.  I no longer ship puppies alone in the cargo hold. This is an additional amount of $500. If you are in an area where tickets are more expensive this will be adjusted to accommodate the extra cost.

Puppy Nanny option includes the vet check needed to fly as well as the soft sided crate required for the puppy. It also covers my ticket cost to fly to your location to deliver the puppy. You will be expected to meet me at your airport to pick up the puppy. If for any reason you are delayed causing me to miss my return flight home you will be expected to cover any additional expenses until I am able to return home.

I am also always willing to meet you at my airport if you choose to fly here to pick up your puppy. This is only an additonal $50 for the vet check and you will be providing your own soft sided crate.

Ask about multi puppy discounts.

Before the pup is 5 weeks old we do accept personal checks.
After the pup has reached 5 weeks of age or older we prefer cash, we do give a receipt signed and dated by both parties.

If you choose to pay by personal check, money order or cashiers check the puppy will be held until the final payment has cleared.

I do not hold puppies without a deposit. This applies to puppies of all ages.
Phone: (509) 671-1045
A dog is a serious commitment, Please make sure it is the right choice for you.
Re-homing policy
Because life sometimes changes unexpectedly, if ever your circumstances change and you can no longer care for your dog, we are happy to take the dog back until a suitable new home can be found. We do not offer a refund or exchange just a better alternative to a shelter.
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