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Updated 11-29-22
* Schedule a time to come visit, most times I can make work so let me know what works for you. Call when you are coming and give yourself time to play with the puppies and make sure you are picking the one that suits you the best. 
* Wear clothes you can get dirty in, they are puppies and do like to run and wrestle in the dirt. 
* Only visit one breeder a day if you are looking at multiple litters, this helps to not spread illness. Make sure you do not wear the same shoes or clothes to visit different litters. If everyone does this, everyone benefits with a healthy puppy. 
* Bring a towel for the puppy to ride on in the car, sometimes they do get car sick. You can bring a crate or let the puppy ride on your lap, but a towel is important. They won't need a toy or chewer in the car, they are usually too interested in what is going on or a little tired from the change of environment. 
* I love when people ask questions, it means you are putting a lot of thought into your puppy. I will answer any question no matter how silly it seems. 
* Be ready to give your puppy a bath when you get home, wrestling with littermates in the dirt is a lot of fun but not very clean. Then just love them like crazy. 

* Please do not bring your other dogs. I understand that you want to see how they get along, but I cannot take the risk of an unknown dog for the safety of my puppies and adult dogs.

* Please let me know if allergies are an issue. Goldendoodles do have different coat types and some are more allergy friendly than others.
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I love to pass on good things my dogs and I like to my puppies families. Blue Dog Bakery's treats are made in the USA and every ingredient in them can be found in your typical household kitchen. To learn more about them and to find a location that carries them near you please visit their web site www.bluedogbakery.com
Before the pup is 5 weeks old we do accept personal checks.
After the pup has reached 5 weeks of age or older we prefer cash, we do give a receipt signed and dated by both parties. 
If you choose to pay by personal check, money order or cashiers check the puppy will be held until the final payment has cleared.

I do not hold puppies without deposits. This applies to puppies of all ages. 

Please call or email for more information 

 We are pleased to announce a litter of F1b miniature goldendoodles from Nike and Atlas. They are reds and golds and will be 10-20 lbs. One girl available and 3 boys available. Ready to go home December 20th.

Please Call or email for information on our upcoming litters 

Nike and Atlas F1b Miniature Goldendoodles
Born October 25th, Ready to go home December 20th
Avaliable Pupppies: 1 girl, 3 boys
5 Weeks old
Pink Collar Girl 
Green Collar Boy
Orange Collar Boy
Blue Collar Boy